Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pretty Pink yet Natural Looking Eyes: ICK Garnet Pink Circle Lenses

ICK Garnet Pink- Outdoor lights
These circle lenses with 42% water content percentage make one of the best comfortable contact lenses. ICK Garnet pink circle lenses are manufactured by a Korean brand that has been manufacturing contact lenses since 2008 in compliance with health parameters & quality assurance. ICK aims to make pupil of human eye more distinct by adding natural color & pattern to it.

ICK Garnet pink- Artificial Lights
ICK Garnet Pink- Closeup
ICK Garnet pink circle lenses are 15mm diameter. The enlargement effect is probably quite outstanding. They make your eyes look dolly and innocent since the outer black ring helps making your eyes look adorable and innocent. ICK Garnet pink circle lenses are little bit vibrant; and they look more appealing when you are wearing them under bright lights. Often times they look kind of natural specially against dark brown eyes. 

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