Sunday, 19 October 2014

Contact Lenses: When to Avoid?

Contact lenses are the safer option for vision correction. They alter the vision by correcting the refractive index error & by eliminating stress on eyes. Furthermore they enhance personality. Contact lenses however need to be avoided under certain circumstances. Soft contact lenses are made of using high water content. The change in environment & air may alter the water percentage which can make them uncomfortable. If you work in following conditions then avoid contact lenses

1.      Where they are chances of water exposure
2.      Near chemical fumes & vapors
3.      Near high heating temperatures such as “welding” procedures.
4.      Near areas with infrared and UV rays sources.

Contact lenses are generally safe to wear in daily life. You should not feel any discomfort in eyes upon wearing lenses in your kitchen or whilst BBQ-ing. There are only certain environmental changes which alter the tear-formation and turn your eyes dry. As a result, contact lenses become dehydrated and develop corneal rash or discomfort which usually goes away as soon as you put them off & instill eye drops.

Do not forget that soft lenses are gas-permeable lenses, whilst they allow some of the oxygen to pass-through they also serve as a channel for other gases’ penetration. Therefore, always observe caution where there are potential risks of unusual exposures. 

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