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5 Steps: How to Compliment your Sweet Lolita Wig?

5 Steps: How to Compliment your Sweet Lolita Wig?

Sweet Lolita is a Japanese inspired fashion that favors the use of soft and light pastel colors. Sweet Lolita fashion is characterized by cute baby patterns, the design elements that reflect the childish nature of one’s personality and highlighted innocence. One of the main components of Lolita fashion is Lolita wig that flaunts the bouncy & voluminous curls. When a Lolita wig is complimented with appropriate dressing & persona the outcome is often cutely epic.

Step by Step Guide: Complimenting your Lolita Wig with Accessories

 1. Styles of Lolita Wigs

5 Steps: How to Compliment your Sweet Lolita Wig?

Lolita wigs come in several colors, but the most famous are pastel pink, pale yellow, white/cream, sax blue, lavender and peaches. Lolita wig is often seen in medium length with straight hair strands supported by bottom curls that flounce as you graciously walk. Sometimes the curls are very flimsy whereas the other times they are voluminous. Lolita wigs are also available in gradient colors that help giving you a doll-like appearance.

2. Accessorize Lolita Wigs
Accessorizing Lolita Wigs plays key role in complimenting it beautifully. Tie it either in cute pig tails or adorn it using clasps, bonnets, bows & head-dresses.

3. Decide your Bangs
5 Steps: How to Compliment your Sweet Lolita Wig?

Though some Lolita wigs are pre-styled, you get more liberty to decide your hair yourself through those Lolita wigs that are not already styled by the manufacturer. If you enjoy wearing bangs, you can take it to your dresser to have the bangs trimmed as per your forehead or you yourself can style the side fringes by using metal clasps or combs.

4. Go for Lolita Style Makeup & Dress Codes

5 Steps: How to Compliment your Sweet Lolita Wig?
Lolita Makeup

Since Lolita fashion is all about chaste & innocence, always compliment your Lolita fashion wig with proper Lolita dress codes. Lolita dresses feature frills, laces & NEVER shows off cleavage or naked shoulders. Lolita wig looks best with Lolita style makeover that emphasizes on wearing soft pink blushers in an air-brushed, well blended natural look.

5. Carry a Toy
To add up huge to your Lolita wigs, carrying a cute toy helps. It simply adds definition to your Lolita style to make you look super cute yet chic.

Lolita fashion wigs are essential if you are aiming to be a pro-Lolita. A Lolita wig alone can’t really make a difference until you accompany your Lolita wig with appropriate accessories & clothing. Always believe in yourself & shine with all your light. Don’t rent it from Lolita fashion solely. Wear Lolita wigs if it pleases you but do not forget to add your own style to it to stay away from the prevailing monotony. Stay unique!

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