Monday, 27 October 2014

Kawayii Eye Makeup Tutorial using Korean Cosmetics

Kawaii Makeup
In Japanese context "Kawaii" means cute. Kawaii fashion makes use of cute & pastel colors that are soft & light. If you want to stand out from the crowd; you can join  Kawaii fashion trends. Kawaii makeup emphasizes on "big eye circle lenses" to achieve bigger and dolly eye looks. Follow the steps below for Kawaii eye makeup tutorial.

Products You Need: Kawaii Eye Makeup Tutorial

1. Dolly Eye Kira Kira blue circle lenses
2. Solone Perfect Pencil Drawing liner
3. Skin79 Kick it Side liquid eye liner
4. Skin79 Kick it Side Mascara
5. Skin79 Super Orange BB cream

Kawaii Eye Makeup Tutorial

Dolly Eye Kira Kira Blue Circle Lenses

They are natural looking circle lenses with a subtle enlargement effect. They blend naturally against both light & dark eyes. Since these lenses are neither bright nor dull; they are perfect for Kawaii looks. Don't forget that Kawaii girls stick to every thing that looks cute yet natural.

Skin79 Super Orange BB Cream Vital

Skin79 BB creams provide dewy finish, with a natural glow. Skin79 Vital Orange BB cream ensures spotless skin by concealing acne marks & freckles. It also eliminates sebum production therefore maintain a smooth canvas for further makeup application.

Skin79 Liquid Liner & Skin79 Mascara

The special construction of Skin79 mascara wand ensures naturally voluminous look for your eye lashes. The twisted head even lifts up the thin and smallest lash fibers to create an illusion of bigger & healthier set of eye lashes. 

Solone Perfect Drawing Pencil

The pencil runs smooth and has excellent color pay off. It is perfect to line you tear-line with. Good for artistic makeup where you need to draw unworldly pattern at your face. 

We hope this Kawaii makeup tutorial has helped you enough in stream-lining your inspirations. Here are more makeup looks for your excitement. 

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