Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Lenses (UTA): Phantasee Gremlin Red/Black Sclera Lenses

Tokyo Ghoul Phantasee Gremlin Sclera Lenses

Take your costume to a new level by “Tokyo Ghoul Circle Lenses”. These red and black sclera lenses are not less than a treat to the fans, already obsessed with “Tokyo Ghoul Series”. These freaking sclera lenses are more than perfect to cosplay “Uta”. He is a ghoul, proficient in making masks for other ghouls. His fully tattooed body with hair swept back and eyes that look ferocious; make a complete package of “Thrill factor”.  

Tokyo ghoul contact lenses are actually 22mm sclera lenses that are 100% opaque. These lenses are promising enough to completely mask the original color of one’s eyes. Since the pigmentation is strong, these red sclera lenses successfully replicate your eyes to look like those inspired from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’.

Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Gremlin Lenses
Phantasee Red Gremlin Sclera Lenses
Tokyo Ghouls are basically monsters who feed on human flesh. Therefore their eyes depict horror that is ensured through strikingly bold red pupil in contrast with black sclera. The gross cannibalism practiced by Tokyo Ghouls is embedded in the terrifying red eyes which have now come into existence from fiction to reality through Phantasee Gremlin red black sclera lenses.

Uta is a ghoul with enhanced strength, speed & reflexes than that of a human. He is able to regenerate himself and his tremendous strength makes him competitive enough to defeat multiple ghouls at a time. Uta is a powerful ghoul and we believe that his eyes are actually the reason behind dispersing the crowd that comes his way. If you want to be a real menace this Halloween; wear Tokyo Ghoul cosplay sclera lenses for a spiced up Hallows evening this year.


Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Lenses Reviews

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