Thursday, 11 July 2013

Difference between Contact Lenses and Circle Contact Lenses

Circle Contact Lenses (a.k.a Circle Lenses)


Contact Lenses

Both contact lenses and circle contact lenses are the need of time and are high in demand. Circle contact lenses though enjoy a higher position than simple contact lenses- they serve you both ways i.e., functional and decorative.

Circle contact lenses are often known as “circle lenses”, “big eye contact lenses” or “big eye circle lenses”. They are special and modern type of contact lenses that aim to make your iris appear bigger and eyes larger and wider. They are colored contact lenses; hence are very helpful if you are looking to change your eye color.

Some types of circle contact lenses also add a glow and make your eyes appear bright and vibrant. Circle contact lenses were originated from Korea and Korean actresses made the trend of wearing circle contact lenses viral. Now; these lenses are worn by a wide majority of people belonging from all the countries of the world. The craze is especially common among teen-age girls and boys since they believe circle contact lenses make them look cute and innocent by making their eyes bigger. Circle contact lenses are capable of adding a charm to your personality if chosen correctly according to your skin tones.

Circle contact lenses are also available in prescription for which you do not necessarily need to show the prescription if you prefer to buy them online. In western countries it is prohibited to sell circle contact lenses at stores; therefore you should get your favorite pairs from authentic dealers and online stores like Uniqso.On buying circle contact lenses online you also get to save money by availing various tempting deals, coupon codes, monthly promotions, discount offers and rewards.

Circle contact lenses are available in different effects and diameters from 14.00 mm to 20.00 mm. However simple contact lenses are typically used to correct the problems in your vision. They are more like a medical device than a fashion accessory. They do not let you make your style statement since they are often transparent. Moreover the diameter is also not more than the diameter of the human eye. On the other hand circle contact lenses have many purposes. Now with the modern technology there are special types of circle lenses that are favored by cosplayers for special occasions like Anime conventions and Halloween make-overs. Circle contact lenses can be categorized into the following:

  1. Big Eye Contact Lenses/ Big eye circle lenses according to diameter
  2. According to water content
  3. According to tones
  4. Prescription circle contact lenses
  5. Circle contact lenses without black rim (Natural)
  6. Crazy/ Anime/Cosplay Circle Contact Lenses
In short; if you are looking for contact lenses that do not only correct your vision problem but also make your eyes big and beautiful then you should go for circle contact lenses or big eye contact lenses. They are handy and who knows you might need them for a “Cosplay” in future! Just do not forget to disinfect your big eye contact lenses properly after every wear!


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