Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Why has my Favorite Pair of Contact Lenses begun to Sting my Eyes out of a Sudden?

Contact lenses if have manufacturing flaws, will sting you right at the moment you slip them in eyes. Contrary to this, if your contact lenses begin stinging your eyes after a couple of months, the reason is either the accumulation of foreign agent or your carelessness & unhygienic approach towards contact lenses.

What to Do if Contact Lenses Sting?

Rinse & Disinfect:

Rinsing & Disinfecting using your regular contact lens solution helps eradicating the following two concerns:

1. Wearing an Inverted Contact Lens

If it is the first time your favorite pair of contact lenses is causing a piercing sensation, the reason might be you wearing them inverted. This is often times a product of your lousiness hence not a major concern. Taking them out from eyes & rinsing them before reinserting will solve the issue.

2. Foreign Agent

Contact lenses have micro projections that help them adhere to your eyes. These micro-projections also enable adherence of foreign agents such as a tiny lint, dust particles and protein buildup. In most of the cases, rinsing & disinfecting will help relieve the discomfort. If it does not make a difference, look at your contact lenses closely. Inspect them for any possible notches or scratches. If you have been pinching your lenses way too harshly whilst removing them; your contact lenses will begin to de-shape. They may even develop scratches. Be very careful when dealing with contact lenses. Sometimes trying to wear dried out contact lenses also leave a burning sensation because they might have developed wrinkles that don’t usually go even if they look just new after being re-soaked.

Change your Contact Lens Solution:

If your eyes have caught an infection lately or have become allergic to any of the ingredient present in your disinfectant; your contact lenses will continue to burn no matter how much you rinse and clean them. The best way to find out if it is your contact lenses or solution causing the discomfort; is to try rinsing different pairs of contact lenses using the same solution. Most probably, you will notice these symptoms if contact lens solution has been causing you the discomfort.

Contact lenses with enough protein buildup and lipids accumulation also itch your eyes. People who develop sensitivity over time or whose tear-chemistry gets compromised are vulnerable to dirty contact lenses. Solutions containing hydrogen peroxide are notable in such cases for thorough breakdown.

Contact lenses are personal prosthetic devices. Depending on your tear chemistry and health of eyes you may not feel the same your friend feels in contact lenses. Therefore, it is better to consult an eye doctor instead of making assumptions on your own. If the above remedies don’t seem to make a hit; we recommend getting an appointment from your eye care professional for further considerations.

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