Sunday, 13 March 2016

Imanotsurugi Cosplay Wig: A Wig that Changes Colors

This is a one of its own kind wig. Imanotsurugi cosplay wig is luxuriously long with super soft, grey purple fibers. The wig has a beautiful style with side parting, a pony tail at the back and a fancy side bun. The wig looks very silver indoors whereas it seems to shift its hue from silver to grey purple when out doors. 

"The back of this wig is built as a ponytail style, where the wefts are arranged in a circle around where the ponytail goes.  This is really awesome and not something I see too often from Asian wig companies - it means that you can ponytail and re-ponytail your wig easily without any wefts ever showing (and you probably will need to re-ponytail this in order for it to properly fit your head size).  Fingers crossed that they start carrying more of these, since they’re so unusual"-- Product review for Imanotsurugi cosplay wig

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