Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Choosing the Right Type of Contact Lens Solution

There are various types of contact lens solutions available. Some soak, some rinse, some disinfect whereas some do all the three. Depending on your life style and sensitivities, you can choose the one that best fits. Contact lens solutions should be thoughtfully purchased, after giving a thorough read to the label. It is always good to do the homework before you twiddle mindlessly at the shelves of the mart.

Which Contact Lens Solution is Right for Me?

Saline Solution: Saline solution is a sterile salt solution. It stores contact lenses and rinse them but do not clean and disinfect. Saline solutions are required when you are using heat or UV disinfecting system. Since some people are irritated to one step cleaning and disinfecting solutions, they can go for UV disinfecting system if they find hydrogen peroxide way too expensive. Saline solution may also be used for cleaning the contact lens disinfecting devices.

Daily Cleaners: Daily cleaners are used for cleaning contact lenses on daily basis. They are rub and rinse solutions. Squirt a few drops of the solution and rub your lenses from both the sides to clean them. A contact lens daily cleaning solution may contain a mild abrasive such as a detergent and a surfactant to clean the buildup from over the lenses. The presence of surfactant makes sure that your contact lenses are not scratched whilst being cleaned. Some cleaning solutions also contain silica gel abrasive particles, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.

Always use other disinfecting solutions along with daily cleaners for the disinfecting job.

Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solutions:
Multi-purpose contact lens solutions are the easiest. They are no rub formula. They alone do the job of rinsing, cleaning, storing & disinfecting without having to put any extra effort of rubbing your contacts. They may contain preservatives to which some people may be irritated. With multipurpose contact lens solution, no other lens care products are necessary.

Hydrogen Peroxide:
Hydrogen peroxide solutions are a best match for sensitive eyes. They are free from preservatives. Solutions containing hydrogen peroxide should be used with caution. Disinfecting done by hydrogen peroxide is always accompanied by a neutralization process carried out in a special basket, equipped with a metallic disc.

If you are suffering from an eye infection or have overly sensitive eyes; it is advised to discuss with your doctors before choosing from the different types of solution for cleaning & disinfecting your contact lenses. 

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