Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bright Natural Looking Lenses for Brown Eyes

92% of the world's population has brown eyes. Thus, most of the colored contacts are manufactured keeping the demand from brown eye-d beauties in mind. Brown eyes need colored contacts that can blend nicely yet look alluring. Here is a list of colored contacts that compliment brown eyes nicely.

"I feel like I can never go wrong with how comfortable Colors of the Wind is
Whenever I wear this series, I always get surprised by how comfortable it is, it is to the point where I can feel anything being in my eyes. I give perfect point to this category! 
I truly love the design of this lens to be honest, cause it reminds me of sunset!
Not just the color itself, but the way it is printed in lines reminds me of glowing sun
Personally, I think that's what got my attention, when I was picking out which pink lens I wanted to try"

"What I really like about I-Codi's Colors of the Wind series, with its solid design, there's no signs of whites of my eyes peaking through the circle lens and cover it all up, and make my eyes appear quite naturally. I never really expected 3 tone blue lens to be designed with 3 of similar colors
It was really unique idea compare to traditional blue, yellow and black mixture of 3 tone lens
I think, by mixing 3 tones of blue did make that color to pop out quite nice
But because of that, it does make my eyes to appear little artificial"

"Now I was looking for good green color circle lens which will show up to dark colored eyes
It is really difficult to find the color that I've been looking for, cause most of the green circle lenses doesn't show up well for dark brown eyes. That is why I got so excited when I first tried this lens on, and saw the color itself. It is very minty color than being pure green. And when it is worn on dark brown eyes like mine, it actually appears to be little bit of grayish green color. I am so in love with the color, that is why I wear this on every day basis"

"This Glam Gray was really unusual gray circle lens that I've ever tried
As I mentioned before, the actual color appears to be more of white color than being gray tone
Color is very pigmented which has no problem of showing up on my dark brown eyes
If you are into bright colors like this, I recommend you to try it out
I was really interested how they used orange color, rather than yellow color on the center of the lens
I think that is why the color appears more vibrant than other gray lens that I have tried before"

Note: This post contains chunks from Jesse Kim's review. For more pictures and thoughts on the products featured in this post, kindly visit this site

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