Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Short Natural Looking Black Wigs for Gender Impersonation

Black wigs are in. No matter what your original hair color is, black remains the hype. They say longer hair are for girls whereas boys look charming with a short hair style and bits of wisps falling down. If you are to cosplay a boy-ish character or you are  a boy yourself; look no further. Raymon or Arima Kousei black wigs with an edgy hair cut is all you need.  Both the wigs are made of heat resistant silky fibers that are good at volume yet light in weight. They are easy to style using  a blow dryer. Both the wigs reach till your nape from at the back whereas differ in length when it is about front cut. Raymon wig is sleeker whereas Arima Kousei black wig has scattered layers that cover the forehead pretty decently. See what the review says about both the wigs

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