Friday, 11 March 2016

Is There a Difference Between Tights & Leggings?

Stockings or Tights

There is a very thin border line between both the counterparts. Leggings and tights are often interchangeable but yet must not be confused with each other. To be precise, leggings and tights vary in fabric & length. Some distinctive features help identifying between leggings and tights. For instance, tights are usually footed and are worn underneath other garments whereas leggings are foot-less that may also serve as pants and can be worn on their own. Therefore when choosing between the two, always take note of transparency and feet.

1. Fabric Quality
Leggings are made from thicker fabric that provides structure to one’s legs. Contrary to this, tights are made from sheer fabric; usually with cotton or nylon blends. Tights are more like thigh high socks and thus should be worn underneath other garments such as skirts. They are only worn in shoes, whereas leggings are chosen when people are looking for a modest piece of clothing that could provide coverage & structure without risking the style.

2. Length
Tights cover toe till waist. On the other hand, leggings vary in length. They are either ankle-length or calf-length. Tights take the place of socks whereas with leggings people need to wear socks separately. This is why, tights are considered one of the most necessary clothing item when you are into layering your outfits.

3. Function & Structure
The most important element that keeps the difference maintained is how they are worn. Leggings are less frequently seen whereas tights are more welcoming. Tights are considered playful & multi-functional as they don’t only add style & color to your outfit but also keep you warm. They are worn at offices and at formal gatherings underneath other garments whereas leggings on the other hand are more casual thus are worn at gyms.

Leggings have their own structure, whereas tights just like socks get a shape only when they are worn. Though like leggings tights hug your legs closely; they provide an elongated shape to your legs depending on the pattern & style. Leggings, however fail in this regard and maintain their own structure even when worn. Since they are excellent at providing coverage, they are also worn alone as pants. On the other hand, no matter how opaque are your tights they will still reflect skin from underneath, especially at the buttocks; to cover which you need skirts and or tunics etc.

4. Fit & Care
Tights are like second skin- sheer & delicate
Tights and leggings both are fitted clothing. Tights need gentle care & handling whereas leggings need no special laundry requirements. Due to them being interchangeable at most places, it is often hard to recognize if someone is wearing tights or leggings. If you are really picky about what you are getting, read the label for a deeper insight. It all depends upon how a manufacturer markets their products. As a general rule of thumb; remember tights are footed, delicate & transparent. 

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