Sunday, 13 March 2016

Look Classic yet Cute with Black Tights

Tights are vogue these days. They help you build a layered outfit, add colors to your wardrobe or help you look classic for formal occasions. Tights are versatile & depending on the color & pattern, these can be donned from school to office & parties. Black thigh high socks that are sheer yet patterned add class to your persona. They hug your legs closely and tend to make them a bit slimmer. 

"These black stockings are made out of two different fabrics. Nylon is used for the top part, which is transparent, and the stocking part is made of thicker cotton-ish fabric. They also stretch quite a lot, so they are perfect for tall girls! I'm 170cm tall and I could've stretched them up more", says Lokeva in her product review. 

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