Wednesday, 2 March 2016

5 Things to Avoid with Contact Lens Solutions

There are various types of contact lens solutions available in the market for rinsing, cleaning and disinfection. Nonetheless, all of them need almost the same care instructions. Contact lens solutions lose efficacy with time & may become dangerous if used past their expiry. If you are an avid contact lens wearer, avoid the following mistakes with your contact lens solutions irrespective of what type you use.


  1. DON’T use contact lens solution past their expiry.
  2. DON’T use contact lens solution meant for storing, rinsing or disinfecting to re wet your eyes. Use pharmacy made lubricating drops to moisten your eyes instead.
  3. DON’T leave the cap of the solution bottle opened. Doing so will evaporate the preservatives and enzyme responsible for the protein break down.
  4. DON’T touch the nozzle or the tip of the bottle with your finger, contact lenses or any other thing that is not sterile and have bacteria accumulation.
  5. DON’T top off contact lens solution. Always re fill your chambers fully after each wear with a fresh supply of the solution.

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