Thursday, 10 March 2016

Contact Lens Solution Check List

There are different types of contact lens solutions available in the market, each with different set of usage instructions & cautions. To help prevent your contact lens solution losing its efficacy, follow the check list below:
  1. Always read the label on the bottle. It must clearly mention its compatibility with contact lenses.
  2. Never leave the cap of your solution bottle empty. Doing so will evaporate the preservative responsible for the disinfection.
  3. Never touch the tip of the solution bottle with your fingers, hand or any other object ever.
  4. Never share solutions containing hydrogen peroxide with friends. They may confuse it with multi-purpose solution that can harm their eyes.
  5. Always use the special contact lens case with hydrogen peroxide that comes with the solution bottle. Throw both the bottle & the case when the solution finishes. Start with the new case as you open the new bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Leave contact lenses in solution for at least 6 hours to allow neutralization when using hydrogen peroxide.
  7. Always check the expiry date of contact lens solution. Preferably use pharmacy made solutions.
  8. Rinsing solutions neither disinfect contact lenses nor breakdown protein accumulation. If you are not sensitive to preservatives, use only multi-purpose solution to prevent drug interaction.  
  9. Saline sterile solution should only be used for soaking contact lenses. Contact lenses can also be stored in saline solution for a short period in emergency. Don’t forget to disinfect using multipurpose solution as soon as possible before inserting your contacts again.

Always consult your doctor before you switch to a new regime of disinfecting your contact lenses. Also, read the label of the solution bottle and all instructions thoroughly at least twice. If you have concerns, stop immediately and consult your eye doctor. 

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