Tuesday, 1 March 2016

6 Great Remedies for Contact Lens Discomfort & Dry Eyes

It would have been impossible to wear contact lenses without the tear film that is present in your eyes. They lubricate eyes, help flushing out the irritants and ensure that contact lenses float smoothly. People with dry eyes don’t produce enough tears or suffer from high evaporation rate. With tears it is not only the quantity, but quality too that makes a difference. In case you have dirty tear film (excessively oily film) contact lenses will be uncomfortable for you because of your eyes staying dry. To help relieve dryness, practice the following remedies & continue wearing contact lenses for color change and vision correction.

1. Re-Wetting Drops
Using rewetting drops help the dryness go away temporarily. However, make sure you get contact lens compatible eye drops. Using in compatible eye drops may fade or discolor contact lenses which will do more bad than good.

Also carefully read the label. Eye drops that are advertised to eliminate the “redness” do not combat against the traditional dryness of the eyes.

2. Healthy Food & Nutritional Supplements
People with dry eyes should increase the intake of water and focus more on consuming herbal teas. Keeping a good balance between omega fatty acids, consuming green leafy and raw vegetables also help. In severe dryness nutritional supplements prescribed by doctor help improving the tear film’s quality.

3. Disposable Contact Lenses
Some people suffer from dry eyes because of oily aka dirty tear film. These eyes produce more oil than needed due to which cornea is always coated with a thin oily film. Hence; dryness is observed as tears are unable to wet the surface. This facilitates protein and lipids buildup on contact lenses that adds to discomfort. Using daily disposable contact lenses help getting rid of discomfort caused by dirty contact lenses.

4. Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Today contact lenses that allow greater oxygen permeability are available. They are made from silicone hydrogel material that stay moist and pliable longer than other soft contact lenses. They are very comfortable and are a perfect solution for dry eyes. Since they are made from advanced technology; expect a slight price hike.

5. Contact Lenses with Water Content
Water content in contact lenses plays a prominent role in contact lens manufacturing. Contact lenses hold different amount of water. For people with healthy eyes, water content doesnot really seem to bother but people with dry eyes may find it difficult to get adjusted with contact lenses holding water content upto 50%. If your lenses fit you nicely, but still sting; it is probably the water content causing trouble. Switching between different brands or talking to your doctor may help.

6.Contact Lens Care Products

Always choose your contact lens accessories and care products wisely. Only use pharmacy formulated eye drops and soaking solution. Contact lens solutions may contain preservatives to which some people are strongly allergic. Reduce chemicals by cutting down contact lens solutions to one multi-purpose solution that soaks, rinses and disinfects. Using multi-purpose solution also prevents drug interaction. If you develop allergy over the course of time against a preservative used in your all-time favorite contact lens solution; talk to your doctor for further guidance. 

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