Saturday, 12 March 2016

Practice Hygiene with your Tights

Women who are modest love to wear tights. Since they provide sheer coverage, they are perfect to keep you stylish without putting your modesty at a stake. Tights are worn throughout the year because they keep you warm and at the same time ensure ventilation, unlike grandma pantyhose. Whether you have a favorite pair of tights that you keep repeating or a bunch of pairs; your tights need regular machine wash (in most the cases) every three to four wears. Otherwise, your tights will end up becoming the cesspool of bacteria.

How Regularly should I Wash my Tights?
Tights pick skin cells and sweat from body perspiration. Even though tights provide enough ventilation at the crotch area, they do develop bad odor over the course of wears. Tights keep your butt, legs and toe covered the entire day. This means they have been through the environmental dust, moisture & sebum debris that your skin produce. To keep them hygienic, it is good to toss them in the laundry basket every second day in summer/spring season. The washing cycle can be stretched to 3-4 days during winter though.

Unfortunately, washing tights scare most of the women as tights are somewhat expensive & delicate. Washing them way too often may deteriorate the finish, snag them, and make them fade the color or what worse than the development of fuzz balls? In order to prevent your hosiery from being orphan or get damaged during a machine wash, get yourself a lingerie bag. Lingerie bag keeps your undergarments safe. Furthermore, be very vigilant about keeping the machine cycle mild & wash using only cold water.

Make your Tights Last Longer Despite Regular Washing

Women’s Health Magazine suggests keeping a new pair of tights in the freezer for a night. As per them, the frigid temperature helps constricting the fibers in the tights that makes them last longer and rip-proof.

After you get a new pair of tights, simply run them under cold water and freeze. The next day, let them defrost over shower rod and let them air dry. Wear fearlessly & rock in any outfit!

Every clothing that hugs your skin closely needs to be thoroughly washed. However be gentle with your tights/stockings as these delicate pieces are prone to rip-offs. Failing to keep them clean means a cesspool of bacteria that can trigger infections at the groin & at genitals. 

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