Friday, 4 March 2016

Bloodshot Eyes at Wearing Contact Lenses. What could be possibly causing it?

Contact lenses should not be troublesome if you have purchased them from an authentic seller. As per doctors, it is not contact lenses that create problems but how people wear them. Developing bloodshot eyes with contact lenses is rare and unfortunately it is almost impossible to track a single root cause without having to get your eyes professionally analyzed by a doctor. A number of causes are involved that should be an immediate concern if the inflammation is accompanied by eye strain & pain.

Possibility No 1: Over-Wearing Contact Lenses
Bloodshot eyes are a major indication towards over-wearing your contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for a longer duration than prescribed, compromise the oxygen transmission to eyes. To fulfill the deficiency; eyes grow a network of veins to draw the oxygen from, instead of the atmosphere. This condition is medically known as “Neovascularisation”. Sometimes, the veins may abruptly burst leaving scarring. Removing contact lenses and relieving eyes using eye drops usually help reducing the discomfort.

Possibility No 2: Incompatible Contact Lenses
If bloodshot eye condition is accompanied by headache & pressure at the back of eyes (eye strain), it is usually because of incompatible contact lenses. If your contact lenses don’t fit you, they will most probably react the same way. The average base curve for contact lenses is 8.6mm but you may be an exception. Sometimes, too low or too high water content may also bother sensitive eyes.

Possibility No 3: Miscellaneous Reasons
Your eyes may have caught an infection due to which contact lenses are causing irritation. Sometimes modification or advancement in the formula of contact lens solution also cause allergic response. Another reason can be poor tear film due to which contact lenses take time to settle. Over working at screens whilst still wearing contact lenses can also cause eye strain along with bloodshot red eyes.

If the issue seems to be persistent and don’t go away on its own after a week of giving your eyes a rest from contact lenses; it is recommended that you meet your eye doctor at your earliest. Who knows, you might only need an updated prescription of contact lenses only!

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