Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Prevent Digital Eye Strain using Daily Disposable Hydrosoft Contact Lenses

World is becoming smaller as we continue to rely on digital devices. However, it reserves the side effects.  As per Vision council 90% of Americans use digital devices for more than two hours whereas more than 60% of the population stares at digital screens for nearly five hours a day. This may lead to digital eye strain that is often followed by an eye sore. Had there been no Hydrosoft daily disposable contact lenses; the case would have been possibly painful for people relying on contact lenses for vision acuity. Hydrosoft contact lenses by MAXVUE combines all day comfort with incredibly crisp & clear vision. Patients with hyperopia and myopia are to be equally benefited by these dailies.

As per eye care professionals working at closer distances such as staring at digital screen for a longer duration can cause eye strain or a feeling of tiredness/ heavy eye lids. Today, most of us are using more than two digital devices a day that includes focusing. Watching TV, working at computers & texting at a cell phone compromises the natural blink rate greatly that makes eyes dry & uncomfortable with contact lenses. Hydrosoft MAXVUE Contact lenses are made from patented water loving material that keeps your eyes moist despite the usage of digital devices. They are European CE approved that further eliminates the fears usually involved with substandard contact lenses.

MAXVUE Hydrosoft daily disposable contact lenses also provide protection from UV rays. With 58% water content & high oxygen permeability these lenses ensure low dehydration when working at digital screens. This thus, prevent eye strain usually associated with contact lenses and computer usage. These eye lenses are also hassle-free as you pop open a fresh pair every day. People with aggressive work schedule or harsh environment such as chemical fields should stick to daily disposables for safety & health of eyes. 

Other than switching to water loving contact lenses with greater oxygen permeability rate, computer users should also follow 20-20-20 rule i.e. looking away at a 20ft distance for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This improves the natural blink rate that helps replenishing the tear film. 

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