Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: The Beginners' Lenses

Spectacles & contact lenses both come with their own pros & cons. To claim that either of the counterparts enjoy complete user satisfaction over the other is more fun than fact. However, eye care professionals have seen more contact lens happy patients than the spectacles. Spectacles limit your mobility, create hindrances with weather changes & make you look sloppy. Contrary to this, contact lenses make you confident about yourself & provide freedom from the nuisance of having to “lost & found” game of spectacles. Since with contact lenses, there are numerous option in terms of colors, designs & types; the outcome may be a bit too overwhelming for a beginner to make a choice. Beginners, should thus rely only on “Daily Disposable” contact lenses till they develop familiarity with their new plastic vision correcting devices i.e. soft contact lenses.

Why only Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Beginners?

No Care & Maintenance required:
Beginners resist contact lenses because of the meticulous care & handling they require. Being mannered & scheduled with your life for contact lenses does not mean you should welcome spectacles with the many of the disadvantages they come with. Get daily disposable contact lenses & pop open a fresh pair each morning fearlessly of having to clean & disinfect them.

Check if you are a Right Candidate:
Most of the patients end up buying yearly replacement contact lenses without even realizing that they are not the right candidates of contact lenses. Opting for daily disposable contact lenses help you analyze if your eyes do well with contact lenses or should you go for other modes of vision correction. Daily disposable contact lenses have also been good for patients who couldn’t perform well with contact lenses earlier.

Contact Lenses to Serve Aesthetics:
Most of the patients find it annoying to keep fidgeting with their spectacles. They make you look like a nerd or a goof- both opposites are possible yet unpredictable happenings with spectacles. Furthermore, strong prescriptions make your eyes look cartoonish-ly magnified from behind the lenses which raise concerns about how you look and how people perceive you. Young children are often annoyed because of them looking different than the rest of their class-fellows. Daily disposable lenses in this case come forward as a better alternative. In couple of days you and your child will better be able to make their mind.

Daily disposable contact lenses make things simpler for beginners where additional steps from cleansing contact lenses to maintaining the cases are not required. Also, they help you begin your journey towards visual acuity with deeper insight towards the wearing pattern. 

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