Monday, 14 March 2016

Can I Wear Peep-Toes with Thigh High Socks & Tights?

There is no fix fashion rule. If you like it; go ahead and continue admiring it. Fashion is a self-expression and a reflection to one’s personality. If you don’t want to be a copy, don’t. However, it is fun drawing inspirations from trend-setters and fashion icons, isn’t it? If you find someone wearing thigh high socks with sandals & opaque tights with open toe shoes; don’t call them crazy but confident. Back few decades, wearing thigh high socks and tights with open toe sandals were considered fashion crimes but now it is safe enough to assume that fashion fades and evolve. Today, ramp models are rocking the glamour bars with black tights and peep-toes. All you need is a high dose of confidence & insight to witness the trends in every fashion hype!

You have endless possibilities with thigh high socks & tights. They help you build your outfit and are really fun element, if you are into layering your outfits. Furthermore, they also help you mix and match your outfits from different seasons. Everyone loves shopping & fashion, but it does not mean everyone loves being a buyer. Wearing some sheer tights (from your spring/summer wardrobe) and teaming them up with peep toe booties from winter help you save money when weather is taking a shift to autumn.

Thigh High Socks: Peep Toe Wedges, Booties or Stilettos?

Tights look excellent when paired with long boots, booties and wedges during colder months but would you seriously abandon wearing tights in summer? Sure, if you are bold enough you can go bare leg but if you are inclined towards modesty or have dress codes to respect then you can always stay glued to sheer thigh high socks and or tights. Wear your tights with peep toe dress sandals, wedges or with even platform sandals- be careful though. Sheer thigh highs (barely there) look classy when are worn with peep toes that cover the heel of your feet or else they create a bit too naked look. On the other hand, peep toe stilettos look eye catchy when you want to create a stunning contrast against your tights.

Break the Fashion Norms with Thigh High Socks/Tights & Peep Toes

Respecting fashion rules should always be appreciated but it does not mean you can’t break the rules. There are certain things that should be avoided when wearing tights and peep toes such as wearing shoes that reveal the inseam of your thigh high socks or wearing black and brown together. With opaque & patterned tights, wear plain and colored peep toes and vice versa. Focusing on where you want to draw attention is always your best bet when it comes to making tricky fashion statements!

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