Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Remember This when Wearing Tights & Thigh High Socks with Open Toe Shoes

Even though it is Spring/Summer; accepting bare leg look might not be every one’s cup of tea. You can still stick to your hose tights until you are ready to steal the show by exposing your skin. Thigh high socks and tights come handy when you want to hide away the stretch marks, rough scaly skin and or cellulite- the most annoying villain of the women’s beauty game. Since unlike winter, you can’t really team up your tights/thigh high socks with long boots; feel free to compliment your tights with wedges/booties & open toe stacked sandals during summer. You only need to remember the following humbles when wearing tights with open toe sandals.

1. Always Wear a Fresh Pair of Tights & Thigh High Socks

Since it is summer already, you would prefer to wear tights with either miniskirts or tunics, drawing attention towards your piece of hosiery. Make sure, you are wearing fresh almost new pair of tights. Tights that look untidy or are old may bunch-up at ankles or look faded. Thigh high socks when worn quite a few times are prone to lose the tightness from at the thighs and thus they fall down creating the most awkward situations.

2. Hiding Toe Seams of Thigh High Socks & Tights

If you choose to wear your tights and thigh high socks with open toe stacked sandals or peep toes, be careful to pull stockings up enough to move the inseam under your toes. At the same time avoid ankle-puddling or else you will end up wrinkl-y, piled and lose stockings at your calves and heels.

3. Choosing Shoes Wisely

Create a contrast with tights & shoes

Remember, to pull off the look with tights you need to be choosy at shoes. Anything too delicate or too open will bring you down. If you are into mix and matching opaque tights, focus on creating a contrast with shoes or simply wear sheer blacks with slingbacks ankle booties.

With tights and thigh high socks you have endless possibilities only if you are artsy enough. Wearing thigh high socks with open toe shoes is no more a fashion crime. All you need to be careful is about pulling off the look!


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