Saturday, 5 March 2016

Forest Creatures Makeup Look using Silver Grey Wigs: Kurookano Shijima & Rosiel Synthetic Wigs

With proper makeup, circle lenses and cosplay wigs you can achieve the dreamiest of the transformations. Once you have your hair in manner; you are done half-way. Cosplay synthetic wigs make styling easier since they follow the factory style & bounce. White & silver grey wigs are often resorted to, when your target is to create a look that exists in fiction. 

Kurookano Shijima cosplay wig is shoulder-length, straight & layered wig with bangs that need trimming & styling. The wig is super soft, stays light at head & is moderately thick. On the other hand, Rosiel wig from Angel Sanctuary has voluminous onion curls that adds glamour and beauty. The wig is also soft and lightweight plus natural looking. Despite being long it does not tangle, and respond accurately to different styles.

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