Friday, 4 March 2016

Contact Lenses & Makeup: Saraswati's Mind Blowing Disney Transformations

Do you have a firm grip at your brushes and have contact lenses in your armory? Congrats, it is your show today! A Malaysian makeup artist, Saraswati; who goes by @QueenofLinda has created mind-blowing transformations of Disney characters using just the right shades from her makeup palettes, contact lenses that compliment & her Hijab to stay accurately unique.

Warning Ahead- Brace yourself as with in just few scrolls you will find your jaws dropped in bewilderment. She is crazily talented. Her princesses transformation were already enough to blow us but then we witnessed the Villains- beyond comparison!

πŸ€πŸ’šTinker BellπŸ’šπŸ€ Requested by @nyssaismadi. 😘 Just had to take this pic from a high angle so the bun can be seen. It's actually an underscarf (hijab inner that has a bun in it) yes there's such thing lol and worn with the gold satin shawl. I planned to do a more unique Tinker Bell look or a twisted version like @akhanartistry's (she's a very talented artist, you guys need to check out her amazing SFX looks) but I just didn't have much time. 😭 #momproblems . #amazingmakeupart #muamalaysia #charactermakeup #disneyprincess #disneyvillains #makeupartistmalaysia #malaysianmakeupartist #hijabiqueen #hijabster #disneyprincesses #makeupdolls #fantasy #fairytale #faceart #hijabstyle #universalhairandmakeup #makeupgeek #maquillage #cosplayers #tinkerbelle #neverland #peterpan
A photo posted by @queenofluna on

A photo posted by @queenofluna on

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