Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Considerations with Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution

Solutions containing hydrogen per oxide are known for effective breakdown of proteins and lipids. Though multi-purpose solutions are more convenient in a busy day-to-day life today, they may contain preservatives that can be too harsh for people with sensitive eyes. Hydrogen peroxide solutions, on the other hand are free from preservatives, but they do demand caution. Precautionary measures should be taken when cleaning contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for Sensitive Eyes
These solutions meet the need of people with sensitive eyes prone to allergies. They do a thorough job of disinfecting contact lenses particularly for lenses with excessive protein buildup. For instance, an oily tear film that produces a lot of nasty buildup on contact lenses.

Unlike multipurpose solution, it is critical to remember that contact lenses disinfected through hydrogen peroxide cannot be directly inserted into the eyes soon after the rinsing/disinfecting process. Hydrogen peroxide may sting or burn your eyes therefore in order to make them safe for eyes; it is necessary to conduct a neutralization process.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Neutralization
The neutralization process is carried out in a special contact lens case that possesses a special silver disc. When contact lenses are soaked inside the chambers of the case; the disc starts reacting with hydrogen peroxide to carry out a bubbling process. The bubbling process is the actual process of neutralization that may takes several minutes. Disc loses its effectiveness with time, therefore it is recommended to use a new disc every time you open a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution.

Emergency Flush out:

Even though hydrogen peroxide causes stinging sensation accompanied by painful rash upon accidental spilling in eyes; it fortunately does not leave potential damages on to your cornea. If you happen to get some of it into your eyes, immediately take your contact lenses out and wash your eyes with sterile saline solution or cold water. Instill anti-inflammatory eye drops and proceed to your doctor if it continues to itch or burn accompanied by an unusual swelling. 

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