Saturday, 19 March 2016

You should Immediately Stop Doing this with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices that need meticulous care & handling. Failing to follow the instructions provided by your contact lens provider and medical experts, may lead to ocular infections & in some cases permanent blindness. The gross factor responsible for most of the contact lens induced infections is “water”. Water carries a microorganism that clings itself to the cornea and begins feeding on it. Acanthameoba Keratitis is too quick to even let you realize and is known to devour the human cornea in a small period of 24 hours. Stop being careless with your contact lenses & make your best efforts towards hygiene.

Contact lenses are handy accessories that help transforming the color & maintain crisp visual acuity. More than 30million people wear contact lenses alone in the United States and seldom do the doctors report contact lens related infections. This proves, that contact lens induced infections are almost rare which makes contact lenses safe to wear, provided they are FDA approved. As per experts, it is not contact lenses that should make people feel afraid of, but the poor attitude of the consumers towards circle contacts.

Why Water is Poisonous for Contacts?
Since water is not salty like tears, it gets absorbed by contact lenses. Due to the absorption of water, contact lenses swell and helps bacteria to dwell. The water borne micro-organisms than feed on corneal tissues and may lead to the permanent blindness by eating the eye ball within few hours.

If you are stuck in a situation where you have no supply of contact lens solution or a case to disinfect and store your lenses in then the best bet for you is to throw them away. Your eyes are too important to take a risk for. Never try rinsing them with water or saliva as both of these are ridden with bacteria.
A recent University study shows that Keratitis can stay longer in the disinfectant than previously thought. Therefore, be very diligent with your contact lenses to prevent the damage. Remember the drill i.e. washing your hands with a soap before touching your contacts to rub, rinse & disinfect your contact lenses using a multi-purpose solution.

Keratitis causes irritation and inflammation of the cornea and may lead to permanent vision loss if not treated correctly. Always remember pre-school lesson that prevention is better than cure. Don’t be repulsive about contact lenses but your lousy approach. Modern day contacts are made with keeping health standards into considerations and European CE certification further approves them for being safe for consumers. If you still suspect contact lens related discomfort; stop wearing them and immediately rush to an eye doctor for a complete diagnosis. Probably, you have ignored few of the contact lens care instructions!

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