Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Contact Lenses Saved Woman’s Eyes as she Mistakenly Shuts her Eyes Close using Super Glue

Contact lenses have been a boon for people looking forward to a reasonable and cost-effective mode of vision correction. Not only do contact lenses ensure crisp vision but also provide color transformation. Contact lenses have helped women but seldom have they prevented blindness expected from a sudden accidental mishap as was reported in China.

A women mistakenly instills super glue drops in her eyes at place of her usual lubricating drops and have had her eyes completely sealed. Fortunately, no significant damages were reported as her contact lenses had prevented the direct contact of glue with her eye ball. Since one of her eye was glued, her eye doctor carefully spent an hour separating her eye lashes and eyelids to keep the damages as less as possible.   

Doctors suggest patients to be careful when dealing with eye care medications. Experts warn consumers to store eye drops and art tools at the same shelf/drawer. To prevent the mishaps, always keep eye drops at a handy – easy to reach place whereas art & craft essentials (including nail art accessories) on the other hand should always be stacked and stored in a cupboard, away from your dressing or bedside table where you usually resort to, when in hurry for rewetting drops.

Also, it is recommended to always read the label carefully to prevent confusing eye drops with any other liquid. It is not necessary that wearing contact lenses will also make you fortunate enough to escape narrowly from permanent blindness like the Chinese woman in discussion. 

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