Saturday, 12 March 2016

Understanding the Washing Symbols Tights come with

Tights, pantyhose, leggings and stockings are all intimate apparels that need to be washed regularly. Neglecting hygiene here will cause skin infections as tights are prone to pick bacteria, odor & skin cells off your body when you wear them even for a day. Washing thigh high stockings or tights carelessly, thins them that make them vulnerable to holes & rips. Tights generally come with the following washing labels & instructions for which you should have a thorough understanding about.

- Wash at 30 degrees temperature in machine with a gentle spin

- Do not bleach

- Do not tumble dry

- Do not iron 

- Do not dry clean

Every piece comes with its unique set of washing guidelines depending on the yarn used, coloring & denier. Therefore, before throwing the packaging away, make sure you have noted down any special washing instructions.  It is an understood fact to invert your thigh high stockings inside out to prevent lint-buildup. Also make sure to sort-out all of your delicates from the rest of the garment’s pile when washing. Always wash them in a mesh bag. Alternatively, a pillow case can be used.

Thigh high socks should not be bleached, washed with solvents, dry-cleaned or ironed. Keep these washing symbols in mind as they remain same for whatever the type of your stockings is. Unless your thigh high socks/ tights are less than 40 denier you should hand wash. For socks over 40 deniers, a machine wash with cold water and a gentle spin is safe.

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