Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to Deal with Blurry Big Eye Circle Lenses?

If on wearing your big eye circle lenses you notice the blurred vision; some of the following may be the reasons.

  1. You have been wearing them for longer durations than the time period prescribed.
  2. You have been mishandling your big eye circle lenses
  3. You have not disposed of your big eye circle lenses as recommended if you are using disposable lenses.
  4. You have not replaced your case of big eye circle lenses for a very long time.
  5. Your big eye circle lenses are damaged, broken or torn.

The first four reasons point out to a single solution-“Your big eye circle lenses need thorough cleansing”. However; if the fate has been unlucky this time and you notice that your big eye circle lenses are broken and torn; there is nothing that can be done now. Immediately throw them of in the garbage pan; so that you do not insert those torn circle lenses again in your eyes mistakenly. Broken big eye circle lenses besides causing blurred vision also are the reason of halos’ and rainbows’ occurrence around the objects.

For the rest of the four reasons of blurred big eye circle lenses; follow the procedure given below and get your big eye circle lenses cleared from debris and protein accumulation like a pro. Remember; cleansing of big ye circle lenses vary with the different types of lenses.

  1. If you use disposable lenses an enzyme tablet will be sufficient to remove the protein from its surface. If your disposable big eye circle lenses are still blurred; you need a replacement.
  2. For gas permeable big eye circle lenses; you need an eye doctor to polish those for you
  3. For soft big eye circle lenses/contact lenses get your hands on a “multi-purpose” solution and disinfect your lenses as recommended.

Protein accumulation smudgesbig eye circle lenses that create blurry vision. Sometimes lenses become dry and therefore get broken. To avoid this; always keep checking your big eye circle lenses/contacts even when you aren’t wearing them. You may need to add solution every 15-20 days depending on the water content of the lenses you have bought. Be very careful; that your big eye circle lenses are completely soaked in the multi-purpose solution.

When you take out your contacts after a long duration; cleanse them thoroughly. Do not forget to first disinfect your hands before handling your big eye circle lenses. Do not use lenses for more than the allowed hours each day. If you still choose to go the other way round; your cornea becomes deprived of oxygen and may cause serious threats.

Last but not the last; keep your eyes hydrated especially if your eyes are sensitive and dry. Rewetting eyes with quality eye drops help keep the lenses clear and eyes hydrated! Always buy high quality big eye circle lenses from authentic dealers like Uniqso. Remember; your eyes are precious and should be given utmost attention and care. Do not get crazy for cheap big eye circle lenses; instead look for rewardsdeals and promotions through which you can get your hands on some high quality expensive big eye circle lenses and save money!

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