Thursday, 10 July 2014

How to Organize Circle Contact Lenses?

How to Organize Circle Contact Lenses?

It is often a mess to have a bunch of circle lenses and; a head-ache to keep them all organized in your stash. Though circle lenses are one’s prized possessions; they may create a heck out of problems if you are a poor manager. Certainly; cosplayers are found in greater trouble since they play around with all the very dozens of colored and crazy lenses. It is easy to organize your circle & colored contact lenses; you just need to spend some time & should have a sense to have the things settled-around.

Organizing & Storing Circle Lenses
  1. Label your circle lens cases and mention “Left” & “Right” on the chambers.
  2. Always store your contact lenses in their respective chambers
  3. Get small zip-lock bags & mention the color of the contact lenses on it using a permanent marker.
  4. Replace the freebie contact lens cases with better quality cases that are efficient in retaining the solution.
  5. Mention the date on the zip lock back to keep a track on the expiry of circle lenses
  6. Get a handy drawer case to accommodate your circle lenses. A small jewelry box having enough space will also do.
Some tips on Storing Circle Lenses
How to Organize Circle Contact Lenses?

The more pairs of circle lenses you have, the more attention you need to pay on to storing them. It is a bit of the nerve-game to keep all of them hygienic but you ought to be cautious after all. You won’t love to risk your eyes. Would you?
  1. You have to replace lens cases after every 3 months.
  2. Keep checking on the solution once every week.
  3. Don’t top off the solution. Just throw and refill the chambers with fresh solution
  4. Circle Lenses turned dry? Read here: What you can do to prevent circle lenses from being dry and ripped.

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