Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Do Sealed & Unopened Circle Lenses Expire too?

Do Sealed & Unopened Circle Lenses Expire?

Circle lenses after one year of use are considered expire. It is recommended to not to wear circle lenses that are past their expiration. Upon wearing circle lenses regularly; on daily basis or occasionally-circle lenses develop protein accumulation, dirt & debris including scratches which may hurt your eyes. No manufacturer or optometrist will ever suggest you wearing circle lenses beyond their expiration date.

It is therefore an understood fact that circle lenses do expire; however it is still a question if sealed circle lenses that have never been opened also expire? Kindly note that circle lenses whether opened or unopened lose their efficacy and should not be worn when the expiry date has lapsed.

Actually after the expiry date; it is impossible to ensure that the solution in which circle lenses are soaked is still sterile. Let’s find out the verdict of some of the most reputable manufacturers of circle lenses in this regard.

According to the expiry date on my lens package, they’ve expired. Can I still wear them?
No. Once your lenses are past their expiry date we cannot ensure the lenses or the solution are sterile. We do not recommend you wear contact lenses past their expiry date.

Can I use expired products?

The expiration date on a product represents the shelf life of the product from the date of manufacture. After this date we cannot ensure the safety and efficacy of the product and do not recommend using any product once the expiration date has lapsed.

Circle lenses may feel exactly the same even after their expiry date. Still; you should avoid wearing such circle lenses to ensure safety of your eyes. If you haven’t replaced your expired pair with a new one; immediately stop wearing those lenses. If you have stinging feeling, burning sensation, redness or any kind of itching because of your expired product; immediately concern your eye care practitioner. Also; don’t forget to TOSS your expired pair of circle lenses in order to avoid using it again by mistake.

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