Friday, 10 January 2014

Can I Re-Use Dried-Out Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are made from hydrophilic substance which proves affinity of circle contact lenses towards water. Keep it in mind that when there is not enough attention paid to wards keeping them hydrated; circle lenses or contact lenses can begin to show signs of dehydration. If immediate actions are not taken; circle lenses can turn dry and brittle which will restrict you reusing circle lenses.

Prevent your circle contact lenses from dehydration; if you don’t want to rip your prized possessions. Circle lenses & contact lenses when become dry are exposed to air which make them vulnerable. Bacterial growth is multiplied whilst circle lenses or contact lenses are dry. Not only this, reusing dried out circle lenses is not free from risks- so you should never insist on wearing damaged circle lenses.

If you on the other hand; you prefer to go beyond the limitations of circle lenses- be wary of following symptoms
  • Pink eye due to scratching caused by dried out circle lens
  • Inflammation
  • Corneal abrasions due to bacteria accumulation from the surface of circle lenses to your eyes.
Circle contact lenses when abandoned for long time may turn dry as they absorb solution in which they are kept to soak. These circle lenses when touched may completely deteriorate because of hardness. Circle contacts are mostly water; therefore when they get dehydrated they appear like a brittle and crisp substance.

If on the other hand you catch your contact lenses whilst they are turning dry; you are lucky and can save bucks. Instead of touching them;plunge them into circle lens/ contact lens solution in order to provide enough moisturizer. This may help dried out circle lenses retain their original shape and softness. Follow these tips to safely re-moisturize dried out circle contacts.

Remember; re-using dried-out circle lenses is never suggested. They are as harmful as are expired circle contact lenses. If upon soaking them you find them supple again; you can reuse them on your own risk. Chances are they will get dry again to cause irritable itching once you put them in your eyes. Now do not panic but remove torn circle contacts from eyes immediately to ensure the safety of your eyes.

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