Sunday, 13 December 2015

Green Circle Lenses for Light Blue Eyes: Sweety Nudy Ice Green

Sweety Nudy Ice green boasts sparks of different colors that help them stand out. The pattern demonstrates the beautiful spirit of icicles. Just like the crystals of the ice these lenses emit sparkling hues. Sweety Nudy Ice green circle lenses are almost transparent. They only get prominent when you wear them. No matter what your eye color is, they will beautifully compliment your natural color. They are very natural besides the dolly effect they produce due to the presence of a well defined limbal ring. 

"These are really comfortable! I didn't have any problems to insert them or to put them out again and I never felt any discomfort. My eyes didn't get dry after 10 hours of wearing them either. Sooo, I can recommend them for beginners! 10/10 ♥"-- Taken from Setsu's Sweety Nudy Ice green review

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