Sunday, 20 December 2015

3 Steps to Wisely Purchasing Colored Contact Lenses Online

Gone are the days when wearing contact lenses would be considered as courageously brave as breaking the norms. Today, wearing colored contact lenses is a fad that everyone aspires from high profile celebrities to your next door girlfriend. If changing the color of eyes excite & motivate you; join the league. The only thing that warrants concern about contact lenses is about them being unsafe. The counterfeiters seem to be more prolific than the genuine & FDA approved manufacturers. There are various alternates of buying your favorite color changing contact lenses from your optometrist to purchasing from an online retailer. Though, both are trusted- the latter is proved to save you both money & time.

Today, with contact lenses easily available online; you have more options to choose between the various options. It has become far more convenient to purchase colored contact lenses & that too without leaving your comfortable & warm cozy couch. Since contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices you must prepare a check list before you make a purchase. Be certain that contact lenses purchased online are completely safe to wear provided you follow the advice of experts- Let not the horrific stories circulating online about contact lenses haunt you.  

1. Buy Korean Circle Lenses
Korea is the hub of circle lenses. Though they are largely produced in Japan, China & Korea; the best of them are manufactured in Korea. Reliable brands will always go a step forward to accumulate the medical certifications. Always look for FDA & ISO statements when investing money among the different variants of colored lenses.

2. Get a Fresh Prescription
Online retailers don’t require a prescription. However you still should have a fresh prescription at hand. Contact lenses whether are annual or daily disposables purchased in bulk would be a mess if are bought in wrong strength. Always keep your prescription updated.

3. Buy Multi-Benefiting Colored Lenses
Today contact lenses are more than color-changing medical devices. They are available with added benefits such as protection from UV rays & oxygen friendly contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses can offer a dramatic change. Follow the hype & look-like your favorite celebrity by joining them in the league. Salena Gomez recently stunned us with contact lenses & now is your turn to prove your following towards the star!

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