Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Bar Soap vs. Face Wash: Which should You Wash Your Face with?

Although the innumerable alternatives & choices in cosmetology have made the decision making a tough job for both men and women; these advancements have lead the mankind towards betterment through cost effective means. Today, it might be tricky to choose between the various alternatives- even choosing a medium for washing face is no easier. At the same time; modern technology & gentler formulations have made it possible to concentrate more on spot treatments as per the requirement of each different personality. From Korean skin care regimens to all-hyped-up western formulas; we find face washes replacing the bar soaps. Why? The bar soaps have been with us since our childhood. Face washes on the other hand are fairly new yet markets are all flooded with face washes claiming to contain rare organic & patented ingredients. To save yourself from poignant regrets; you would want to continue reading below.

Why should I Use Face Wash instead of Bar Soap?

FACT: Bar soaps are drying to skin
It is an understood fact that the ingredients that keep the bar soap in the bar shape are excessively drying to skin. The bar soap might be your grandma’s traditional way to wash her face; but sadly it washes a bit more than just dirt. It also disrupts skin’s natural pH balance because of them being alkaline in nature. Contrary to this, liquid soaps are formulated to maintain your natural pH level of skin. They contain ingredients that are self-moisturizing and are less harsh than the bar soaps.

FACT: Bar soaps harbor germs
Bar soap is warm & moist that carries the risk of potential contamination. Because bar soap is shared amongst people it harbors germs on its surface. This is why bar soap spread germs & infections. On the other hand, liquid soap or face washes are dispensed in “just-the-needed-amount” which prevents bacterial contamination. Furthermore, unlike a bar soap it is preserved in a bottle thus it does not attract harmful microorganisms.

FACT: Bar soaps are inexpensive
Yes, that’s the only ball in the bar soap’s court. They are inexpensive but you will end up spending huge on derma bills later on. Bar soaps contain skin irritants for instance the deodorants. Liquid face washes are pricier but they are loaded with skin friendly agents. The formulation is also mild. Moreover, face washes tend to repair the skin damage and heal other skin concerns from acne to excessive sebum control or dehydrated flaky skin issues.

Which Face Wash should I Use?

  • For oily skin use a foam or bubble face wash such as Skin79 O2 Bubble cleanser. It effectively removes makeup residues, dissolves oil and deep cleanses to prevent clogged pores.
  • For dehydrated skin use a mild aqua based cleansing face wash. For instance Skin79 Aloe Aqua cleansing foam. It supplies immediate boost of moisture and prevent wrinkle formations.
  • For sensitive skin use all-in-one-care face wash. Skin79 Lotus mild cleansing foam with fine bubbles effectively removes excess oil, improves skin’s vitality & texture. It also brightens & moisturize.

Face washes are modern day formulations that are mild and gentle to your skin. They are better able to combat pollution, smoke and dirt than bar soaps. Unlike bar soaps face washes are capable of keeping your skin’s luster maintained. They form a protective lining to prevent your skin from bacterial accumulation. However, it is crucial to keep wash cloths, shower loofahs & sponges dry when using liquid soaps as they are significant sources of bacterial contamination.

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