Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Got Dark Circles & Irritated Skin? Try Skin79 Angry Cat Face Mask

In Korea sheet masks hold the prominent position. It is rare that you walk past by the aisle of a mart without filling in your cart with sheet face masks. Skin79 Animal Angry Cat sheet face mask is a fun way towards treating your most embarrassing skin concerns including those raccoon eye-d dark circles and worst hormonal break out. Skin79 Animal Cat sheet mask is doused in tea tree oil & aloe vera juice that hydrates & soothes the inflamed skin.

Skin79 Angry Cat face mask boast aloe & tea tree oil. Both are known to purify from dirt & sebum. It brings out skin impurities, unclog the clogged pores, and calms irritated skin. On the first application the mask makes your skin tight and shrink the enlarged pores. Continue using it to reduce the appearance of dark-circles, heal acne & remove spot marks.

Jojoba seeds, grape & lotus seeds altogether help improving the skin texture by making it tighter, firmer & brighter. Within just 20 minutes, Angry Cat face mask will make your skin glow, smooth & hydrated. It is free from harmful effect of parabens and formaldehydye. Furthermore, the ink used is also approved and meet the health standards.

Skin79 Angry Cat mask adheres to your face contours efficiently to make sure you get the optimum benefits. It smells organic with an uplifting fragrance of tea-tree and fresh aloe vera. Enjoy the triple action formula i.e. purifying, soothing & moisturizing with Angry Cat sheet face mask to relive dryness & flakiness during winter. 

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