Thursday, 17 December 2015

Boost your Sports with Contact Lenses

Whether you are an amateur player or a professional athlete, having clear & sharp vision is what you require the most. Since glasses limit mobility, they do not seem to be a witty option for vision correction. Contact lenses on the other hand, proves to be a better option by ensuring enhanced peripheral vision and that too without compromising at comfort or restricting mobility during sports.

Glasses run the risk of injuries. With glasses it is almost impossible to fully concentrate on your game. They keep you busy in settling your falling frames back at your nose bridge every other second. They also fog up, reduce the peripheral angles & get in the way. Contact lenses contrarily, are considered ideal for all sports activities from racquet games, to ball games and even for stunt games.

Contact lenses are also the best pick for adventurous activities like Tandem Jump & Snorkeling

Games that benefited most by Contact Lenses

1. Racquet Games:
Games such as tennis, squash, badminton, ping pong etc. would be more entertaining if you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off every time you hit a shot.

2. Ball Games:
Ball games require full concentration & 360 degree field of vision. From cricket to football, basket-ball, volleyball & netball; you can’t risk to lose focus even for a second. Messing with glasses whilst playing games could risk in embarrassment & failure. Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision along with ensuring freedom in mobility & liberty from obstructions created by frames.

3. Cycling Sports
Sports like cycling need you to be 100 % fit. Imagine a bumpy cycling race with a fidgeting pair of frames. You are also made to wear protective wear such as helmets that do not usually accommodate glasses. You definitely can’t fuss over glasses. Indeed; wearing contact lenses is the desperate need of the game.

4. Stunt Games & Adventurous Activities
Have you ever been through the pain of Bungee jumping with glasses? Glasses are extremely dangerous here. In case they get smashed whilst you jump the flying shards of the frames will injure your eyes. The loss can be irrevocable. Prefer contact lenses over glasses to prevent yourself from a fatal damage.

Best Contact Lenses for Sports:

Try UV protection contact lenses. These lenses do not only alter your vision for better but also prevent them from harmful UV rays when you playing sports outdoors. If you are an active sportsman you would want to have monthly disposable contact lenses to ease down the maintenance.  

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