Wednesday, 23 December 2015

8 Handling Instructions for Soft Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses either soft cosmetic lenses or prescription contacts are medical devices, and must be handled likewise. Meticulous disinfection is necessary in order to keep your eyes safe from possible contact lens related injuries. Follow these contact lens handling instructions to make the best of your contact lenses and help them live their fullest.

  1. Wash your hands before touching contact lenses. Avoid cream based hand-wash and soaps
  2. Inserting contact lenses should be the first step of your getting-ready routine. Make sure your hands; especially finger pads are still clean and dry free from possible lint and cream/lotion.
  3. Take out contact lenses and rest them on your finger pad or over plunger. Inspect, carefully & closely for any notches, rip & tear before inserting them in eyes
  4. Insert in eyes after thorough inspection. Blink your eyes and allow your contact lenses to adjust. If they feel fine; you may proceed with your routine.
  5. At removal, wash your soft contact lenses with multi-purpose solution. Multi-purpose solution takes care of everything from keeping your contact lenses moist to the breakdown of protein, lipids & removal of bacterial accumulation.
  6. Once every week, make sure you rub and rinse your contact lenses for thorough cleansing.
  7. Keep your contact lenses soaked in the solution. Make sure they are fully immersed in the solution before you cap the cases back.
  8. Only use contact lens compatible re-wetting drops to moisten or lubricate your eyes.
Contact lenses are more reliable and comfortable these days. With several of the options available, contact lenses today ensure crystal clear vision with enhanced peripheral vision and greater field of view. Provided, your purchased contacts are FDA approved; they must not cause abrasions or hurt your eyes. Follow these handling tips to form a barrier as a prevention from the risk of infections. 

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