Saturday, 12 December 2015

Short Black Wig: Hoozuki No Reitetsu - Raymon

"This was supposed to be a wig for a male character,but as you can see,its shape is really pretty,so I see no problems with it being used also for female characters. Texture wise,this wig is a bit more rough then the usual ones,having somewhat thicker,spikier hairs,while staying normally shiny.
I find that to be a good thing,as it can be suitable for everyday use as well,aside from cosplay. It looks pretty natural,so that's another plus. Length wise, Raymon Hoozuki wig reaches a little past my nape,making it the shortest wig I have so far,with longer side-bangs and a short fringe.Yes,this is what the fringe normally looks like without any styling. I didn't have to cut it any shorter,since it was quite short already.  So if you just want to trim some more of it's length,you won't be having way too much work on this one :) I rather enjoyed that .It is also made out of a fine material that enables heat resistance,so styling won't be a problem,if you need to straighten or curl some bits of it!"

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