Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What are Parabens & Sulfates? Why is Skin79 Free from them?

Parabens and sulfates are the common ingredients found in cosmetics that are the object of huge vilification. Parabens are suspected to be the cancer-causing ingredients whereas sulfates are associated to leave your skin dry & rip your skin off of the natural oils. Organic brands such as Skin79 claims to avoid harmful parabens and sulfates in most of their products for the same reasons.

Skin79 Ensures Safe than Sorry Route:

Parabens are most widely used preservatives in cosmetics such as body lotions, creams and other makeup products. They prevent the bacterial and fungal accumulation from the products that are stored in humid & moist environment such as wash rooms. Sulfates on the other hand are foaming agents. They help a product to produce lather and are found in face washes, body washes and shampoos. Skin79 do not make use of parabens and sulfates to ensure a “safe than sorry routine” for the consumers.

According to experts; it is difficult to keep a product free from parabens as no other preservative is as effective as are parabens. Though, no scientific research to date has proved them to be such devastatingly dangerous for the human health; it is better to avoid the risks and go for the better alternatives available.

Hang on; Sulfate Free Products can sometimes be worse than you think

Before you give in to the hype against sulfate & parabens; please remember that not all sulfate-free products are effective in cleansing. Chemicals are chemicals; swapping them with other chemicals does not make a product any better. Skin79; thus make use of fruit & vegetable based cleansing agents. This however may reduce the shelf life of the product.

Skin79 is a cruelty free cosmetic brand that lays emphasis on making use of plant based ingredients. Skin79 products are free from harsh chemicals & preservatives as it aims to make your skin glow & healthy from within. 

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