Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Circle Lenses, False Eyelashes & Hair Extensions Help Brazilian Human Elsa to get the Doll Appearance

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Colored circle lenses help women accentuate their eyes. The amalgamation of lovely multiple hues along with the design create illusion of dolly eyes that are bigger, bolder & impactful. Human Barbie Andressa Damiani from Brazil knows how to play ingeniously with her looks, as she sportstinted circle lenses to finish her doll-y transformation.

The 23 year old, Human Barbie has an extreme resemblance with Barbie dolls to strange limits. With beautiful dolly eyes that sparkles whimsically, she also flaunts long legs and an enticing waistline of 20 inch.  Andressa claims that she has never had a surgery. As per her statements she was born with doll-like features which after growing up; she learned to enhance using circle contact lenses & minimal makeup. She also wears hair extensions to achieve seducing long locks.

In a Youtube makeup tutorial; she is shown wearing blue colored contacts. She applies white eye-liner at her waterline for awakened and wide eye-d illusion. She also uses top & bottom false eye-lashes for well-defined and bigger eyes. To create depth, she uses three different eye shadows & applies winged eyeliner.

Andressa is also said to resemble Elsa from Frozen. Her Elsa Makeup tutorial received more than one million likes where she can be seen making use of circle lenses, hair extensions & makeup to mimic the looks of the Disney’s queen.

'I started wearing contact lenses and eye make-up to help create a stronger illusion of a doll’, says Andressa. “'I want to show the world that everyone can be a doll. You don't have to be skinny or blonde - just create your own look and be happy.' She further added. 

Back a month she uploaded her impersonation of Human Robot using Nebulos mini sclera contact lenses from Uniqso. 

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