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When Pairing Glasses with Your Contact Lenses Becomes a Necessity

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Contact lenses are promising for vision correction. They solve a number of vision-related disorders from near nearsightedness to farsightedness & astigmatism etc. However, there are medical complexities; when pairing glasses with your contact lenses become crucial. People who require contact lenses to alter nearsightedness would need a pair of glasses for reading, in case they feel difficulty focusing up-close objects too. People who are varifocals prefer pairing glasses at the top of contact lenses rather than switching to contact lenses meant for farsightedness or carrying different pairs of glasses to meet the both needs.

Multi-Focal Contact Lenses VS Pairing Contacts with Glasses

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Though there are multi-focal and bi-focal contact lenses available; you must weigh down the pros and cons of the various alternates before you make a selection. Multi-focal contact lenses possess multiple prescriptions all in one lens.

Pros & Cons:
  1. These lenses carry a power to see distant objects whereas the other power is to let you see the upclose objects.
  2. Multi-focal contact lenses also enable you see the objects placed at intermediate distances.
  3. These type of lenses allow gradual transition from prescription to prescription (upclose objects to distant) whereas Bifocal contact lenses have a sharp edge between the two prescrptions.
  4. People with Presbyopia feel secure enough with multifocal contacts that usually hit at the age of 40. However, patients often have a hard time adjusting with their multifocals.
  5. Multifocal colored contacts are subjected to produce night time glare, or hazy vision during the adjustment period. Furthermore, the different viewing experience and the abrupt transition in bifocals make adjustment even more difficult.
  6. Such contact are expensive due to the complexity in design.

On the other hand, pairing glasses with contact lenses for hyperopia and myopia respectively is more convenient rather than to keep twiddling between the various pairs of glasses or contact lenses. Contact lenses are good to wear all the day long whereas glasses can be paired for reading books or driving- where you need both far and short visual acuity.

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