Saturday, 12 December 2015

Short Natural Looking Black Wig: Rin Okumura

"This is the perfect wig for anyone who wants a somewhat short, good, base wig. It's a thick and healthy looking black wig, that is very easy to deal with, as it's easy to cut, and it's heat resistant, and accepts most styling products very well. It's sold as a Rin Okumura wig (although I personally think Rin has blue hair), but there's a million different character this wig would fit for, if not only to be worn daily as a casual wig! Great for bad hair days!"

"This wig so far has been very useful for me, as it's a basic, nice one. I have already figured out I can wear it for Yukkin, Zuko from Avatar, perhaps Haruka from Free! if I style it and feel like it, maybe Luca from Arcana Famiglia and a ton of different other characters, which makes it such a practical thing!"-- Excerpt from Rin Okumura wig review

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