Friday, 8 August 2014

Ophthalmologists Emphasize on Regular Contact Lens Examination

Ophthalmologists Emphasize on Regular Contact Lens Examination

Just recently famous eye doctor; Doctor JacePicken from the institute of “Prairie Vision Centre” disseminated a warning in which he drew attention of contact lens wearers towards the significance of “Regular Contact Lens Examination”.

Significance of Regular Contact Lens Examination

Dr. Jace recommends wearers of contact lenses to get involved in a very meticulous habit of regular checkups. Contact lenses develop intimate relationship with your eyes; therefore you must be very concerned of what is getting in your eyes along with the contact lenses which you so lovingly wear and possess. Alike all other optometrists, he opines that colored contact lenses and all other variants are prosthetic medical devices that should be dealt accordingly.

Regular meet-ups with eye doctors are critical not only for monetizing your prescription but also to a keep check on the safety of eyes.

When a wearer of contact lenses visits optometrist; he will be briefed on following factors which otherwise is not possible.
  • Thorough checkup of eyes and health
  • Recommendation of eye drops
  • Discussion on several contact lens related issues. Ask him beforehand if you are about to wear novelty contact lenses or are about to try a new brand.
  • Discuss with him if you notice any (even minor) change in your eyes because of wearing contact lenses
  • Inspection of contacts will ensure if they are carrying risks of contamination
Eye examinations are recommended to people wearing contact lenses frequently because people remain oblivious of the subtle vision loss. Through eye exam; the vision-loss can be caught up just in the very beginning. London based fashion designer was on the verge of losing her eyesight due to over-wearing her contact lenses. On the other hand, regular checkups would sure ensure good health.

Wearers of contact lenses must not jeopardize their vision by being too clumsy to have a checkup. Don’t be gullible; schedule your routine checkups today if you love wearing contact lenses but more if you love your eyes!


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