Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pocahontas Cosplay Circle Lenses & Wig

Pocahontas Cosplay Circle Lenses & Wig

Pocahontas is one of the most famous Disney Princess of “Indian” bloodline. Pocahontas is different from other “Disney Princesses” hence; cosplayers find it interesting to get into Pocahontas’ statuesque figure through Pocahontas circle lenses, wig & costume.

She is known for her boisterous nature and her ability to talk to spirits and animals. She is lively, free-spirited, playful, adventurous & bold. Pocahontas is a beautiful 18 years old lady with a noble character. She has a slender body, have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Her long raven-black hair & twinkling dark brown eyes speak of her intelligence. Pocahontas character can be replicated through Geo Grang Grang Choco circle lenses & Shakugan Syana black wig. Pocahontas cosplay circle lenses & wig takes your cosplay to far new levels of perfection.

Pocahontas Cosplay Circle Lenses & Wig

Pocahontas reddish copper skin tone and her brownish eyes create an impact when are properly imitated through Pocahontas circle lenses & wig. She loves nature, animals, waterfalls & is always found excited about the wildlife. Pocahontas is affectionate, kind-hearted and is spotted expressing wisdom beyond her calendar age.

Pocahontas is an intriguing character and unfolds itself in every new scene. She is the epitome of goodness, so she is loved and respected from people belonging to all walks of life. Pocahontas cosplay circle lenses & wig are just a click away for your dream cosplay representation.

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