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4 Warnings Concerning Eye Care Issued by Ophthalmologists for freshmen: Follow these Tips Religiously if you Wear Circle Lenses

4 Warnings Concerning Eye Care Issued by Ophthalmologists for freshmen: Follow these Tips religiously if you Wear Circle Lenses

College students are most susceptible of eye infections. They are vulnerable to host of eye infections, injuries and increased nearsightedness. As per the official records, over 21.7 million students will be joining college or university this fall alone in the United States. A bench of highly qualified ophthalmologists issued a list of warnings for fresher to maintain 20/20 vision during the course of university. Wearers of circle lenses must take note of these points more carefully.

Teens when get admission to college/university are compelled to live far from parents; in the hostels to pursue their degrees with passion and wholeheartedness. Studying in crowded classes & dormitories, sharing the toiletries & other necessities may lead to eye infections. Moreover; staying away from Parents keep teens from the reinforcement of eye care, sanitation & cleanliness habits. Catching these concerns right in the air; eye professionals from “The Delaware Academy of Ophthalmology” along with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons come forward to help parent & children together at the issue.
  • Don’t swim or shower wearing circle lenses. In fact circle lenses should never come in contact with water since it carries acanthamoebavirus which infects cornea. Avoid getting into any water-based activity when wearing circle lenses.
  • Never share your circle lenses with your fellows. Not even for testing or trying; because:
  1. Circle lenses adapt to the shape & size of the iris when they are first worn. Therefore circle lenses that you are wearing might harm your friend’s eyes.
  2. Disinfecting them would not help getting rid of germs & bacteria your friend’s eyes carry.
  3. Sharing contact lenses also spread conjunctivitis. When staying in dorms; always wash hands properly before touching your eyes or handling your contact lenses.
  • Eyes need a break. A research conducted by Indian university revealed that 80% of engineering and medical students suffer from dry eyes syndrome. Over-wearing circle contact lenses aggravate the symptoms even more. Avoid eye-strain by observing caution with circle lenses. Don’t wear them for more than 6 hours in a day; especially when you are working at computer.
  • Eyes need protection during gaming sessions. Nearly one in 18 college athletes suffer from eye injuries, broken bones near the eye socket. Doctors recommend polycarbonate sports glasses. You can wear circle lenses if you want to enjoy the liberation from glasses in high-contact or high-risk sports.
“For many teens just starting college, taking care of their eye health may be the last thing on their minds,” said Rebecca Taylor, M.D., comprehensive ophthalmologist and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “But the fact is that an eye injury or condition can affect their grades and social life, causing days or even a lifetime of poor vision. We hope that parents will remind their kids of these risks before they fly the coop this fall.”

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