Monday, 25 August 2014

Newly Designed Contact Lens Cases: Tailors to the FDA Health Requirements

Newly Designed Contact Lens Cases: Tailors to the FDA Health Requirements

WatchDog Engineers have crafted a new EZ contact lens case that is packed with numerous health benefits. This newly engineered contact lens cases are better than conventional cases since they are constructed by considering the health warnings issued by FDA.

Nearly 40 million of people wear circle lenses in United States, where most of them fail to pay attention towards the hygiene of contact lens cases. Contact lens cases require the same attention and cleanliness that your circle lenses do. The new EZ contact lens case uses patent pending “Flip-top” design that makes it easier to open the case. This innovative feature also limits the contact of water with the soaking chambers of the case & prevents bacteria accumulation.

John O’Hara, head designer: "We've seen countless health innovations in contact lenses since soft, extended wear contacts were introduced in 1981, but the plastic case to soak and disinfect them overnight has never significantly changed. Contact lens case innovation may seem unimportant, but when you realize that there are over 40 million contact lens wearers in the US alone, a significant design and health improvement like EZcase™ will have a profound effect on eye health across the world."

EZcase is the first type of contact lens case that molds the warnings of FDA about frequent replacement of contact lens cases and water contact. The chambers are clearly marked “Left” & “Right” which makes it handy and user-friendly. Your contact lenses would never be mixed.

“Water and case replacement education are critical for healthy lens wear. EZcase™ is the first contact lens case to have these warnings molded onto the case. This is a big step forward for healthy contact lens care,” says O’Hara.

These FDA complaint contact lens cases will hit the main-stream market by 2015. Meanwhile browse through some stylish contact lens cases and consider replacing your old contact lens cases to guard your eyes.

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