Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Contact Lenses to Treat Glaucoma

Contact Lenses to Treat Glaucoma
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After Google’s smart contact lenses that are to treat diabetes; researchers have pushed up yet another great news for patients of Glaucoma. The innovative contact lenses will help early detection of glaucoma that is improbable otherwise.

What is Glaucoma & how do Contact Lenses treat it?

Glaucoma is caused by the eye strain & pressure. Glaucoma does not appear on scene until later ages in life. The symptoms often go unnoticed since they really do not cause any troubles in the beginning. Unfortunately; when doctors are finally able to diagnose the disease, the damage has already been done by the glaucoma. Since glaucoma damage the optic nerves; without immediate & timely treatment it can lead to permanent vision loss.

The new contact lenses are to be developed by EPFL and Haute Ecole Arc. These contact lenses would measure intraocular pressure in eyes continuously for 24 hours that will help early detection of glaucoma; paving the ways for timely treatment. The early diagnosis and timely treatment would save patients from permanent vision loss.

"Clinical trials are being conducted at the Ophthalmic Hospital of CHUV. These to gauge the comfort of the device, and also test the measurement system", explains Dr Katia Tissot, the medical manager for the society.

Contact lenses are making lives easier. They do not only help correcting the refractive index errors but the world is soon to observe breakthrough advancements in treating ocular diseases. Contact lenses for the treatment of glaucoma will be made available for the public by the end of 2015, hopefully.


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