Monday, 11 August 2014

Innovative Contact Lens Cases & Gadgets Remind about Contact Lens Replacement Schedule

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Sticking to circle contact lens replacement schedule is critical in order to maintain good eye health. Contrary to this, almost 52% of contact lens wearers forgetfully fail to replace their circle lenses on time. Today through advanced contact lens cases you can follow proper replacement program of contact lenses to guard your eyes.

Memorizing Expiry Dates of Contact Lenses? A Total MESS!

Failing to replace circle lenses on time make your eyes vulnerable to eye diseases. Expired contacts run several risks of eye injuries that may sometimes lead to gross results of permanent vision loss.

If you are in habit of wearing circle contact lenses daily and you display ever-growing collection of circle contact lenses then possibilities are; you find yourself lost in memorizing the expiry date of each pair of your contacts.

Cosplayers who have to imitate characters eyes’ by wearing cosplay contact lenses also find it difficult to keep a track at the expiry of dozens of circle lenses, they possess.

Devices that are Friendly to the Replacement Schedule of Contact Lenses

I-Contact Lens Case

Source: i-case

I Contact lens case has been recently produced under the banner of a Dutch company Ote. This unique and innovative case allows users to turn the rings of the case at each well to fix a cleaning & replacement reminder.

Electronic Digicases for Contact Lenses

Source: Digicase

Digicases are one of its kind contact lens cases which make a perfect travel kit for contact lenses. They are equipped with a mirror and are integrated with unique user friendly replacement reminder for either 30 or 40 days.

LensAlert Contact Lens Gadget

Source: LensAlert

Lens Alert contact lens case is a revolutionary gadget that does not only alert you about the replacement of your contact lenses but also send in warning when it is high time for changing the contact lens cases. A study reveals that contact lens cases are the breeding beds of microorganisms, failing to replace which every 3 months, may lead to the severe contamination of contact lenses, irrespective of how meticulous you have been about disinfecting your contact lenses on regular basis.

These three devices are designed to especially promote healthy living among the wearers of contact lenses. Over-wearing circle contact lenses is not acceptable, so choose your favorite replacement device & start wearing circle lenses without any fear of failing to replace them on time!


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