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Can Diabetics Wear Circle Contact Lenses?

Can Diabetics Wear Circle Contact Lenses?

Circle contacts & diabetes
Diabetes affect entire human body so does it lay effects on eyes. Diabetes alter tear-chemistry and tear-secretion; therefore diabetics may find their eyes dry when wearing circle contact lenses. Circle contact lenses are themselves no contraindication to diabetes thus most of the patients enjoy liberty of wearing circle contact lenses without any adverse effects on eye health. 

Circle Contact Lenses & Handling with Injuries in Diabetics

Diabetics hold a weak history of recovering from injuries. Therefore diabetics who wear circle lenses must not ignore the routine checkups for prescriptions and for avoiding the risks of ocular injuries.
  • Diabetics wearing prescription circle contact lenses should get those contacts which allow more oxygen permeability.
  • They should also be very meticulous about the cleanliness & hygiene when it comes to circle contact lenses.
Things that Diabetics Wearing Circle Lenses Must Focus On:
  • Keep an eye on any kind of ocular complications; be it minor injuries
  • Always use eye drops, don’t let them get dry when wearing circle contact lenses.
  • Do not ever share your circle contact lenses. Never Ever!
  • Do not wear circle contact lenses when working at computers- this can lead to eye strain and stress.
It has been observed that people with controlled diabetes carry no complications with circle contact lenses. However; they are at greater risk of suffering from dryness in eyes.

According to Dr. Dubow; “Most people with diabetes can wear contact lenses. They must be properly prescribed and managed to make sure the wearer's eyes stay safe and healthy. This means using the correct lenses, the correct care system and having regular visits with the doctor to monitor eye health and vision”

Diabetes patients can of course wear circle lenses; they only need to be a bit more concerned about their health. Such patients heal slowly than others; they also run the risk of ocular abrasions and infections which should be the areas of strict concern in the life of a diabetic patient. Keep visiting your eye doctor as he is the only one to prescribe you circle contact lenses that do not only properly fit but also provide crisp vision with enhanced comfort and wettability.


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